Nano and Color

Nano and Color It is called “nano” and it is one billionth of a meter in size.  That’s the scale that’s used to measure atoms and molecules!  And on that scale, common materials can have very unusual properties.  That’s the basis of a new field of science called “nanotechnology”, which is producing remarkable advances.  Thanks to an NSF funded kit, older elementary school and middle school students will not only learn about nano-scale, they will do hands-on experiments, and make thin films–only a few hundred nanometers thick–to take home!

Some comments by participants in the Nano program:

– (teacher) I think this program was excellent!  It has inspired me to bring back our regular science programs.  Activities were amazing! 

–I think this program was spactaculor [sic]

–I like the bubbles when I blow in it and I like when I put black paper in the water with nail polish

Outreach programs are designed for students in grades 3-12. The cost of one 60 minute program is $160, but multiple programs are offered at a discounted rate – $140 for each additional program.

Requests for program information or scheduling should be directed to Juliette Casselman at or at 401-473-9174.