Electric Dough

Explore the properties of electricity and creativity using conductive dough. Through hands-on art/science activities, you will learn how circuits work and the difference between conductive and resistive materials.  Use LED lights, play-dough and imagination to create electric artwork!

 electric dough

Outreach programs are designed for students in grades 3-12. The cost of one 60 minute program is $160, but multiple programs are offered at a discounted rate – $140 for each additional program.

Requests for program information or scheduling should be directed to Juliette Casselman at juliette@rimosa.org or at 401-473-9174.

What they are saying: “All of the kids were extremely engaged from beginning to end.  in talking with the children, many learned some important skills about conducting electricity and trouble shooting. They were so enthusiastic about their discoveries :-)” – classroom teacher 2/21/14

“I like that we can do and create our own sculpture and learn at the same time!” – 11-19 year old participant

“It was cool playing with Play-Doh and electricity” – 11-19 year old participant