Creativity Programs for Businesses and Educators

For Businesses:

Creativity has been recognized as a key factor that can help organizations grow, and gain an edge over their competition.  Creativity training has been taught at business schools at Stanford, Harvard, Columbia and numerous others.  RIMOSA’s 60 to 120 minute programs blend science and art, to draw in practitioners of both while still enabling them to expand their world-views. 

Our goal is, by the end of our program, to have program participants view the world not as it is, but as it could be.  By challenging teams with creative tasks (“make a stop-motion animation”, “design and build an Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculpture”) encourage creative problem solving and promote teamwork.  Their hands-on aspects make them engaging as well as entertaining and creatively stimulating.

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For Educators:

RIMOSA is very pleased to be able to bring professional development programs to educators of all types.  We teach STEM to STEAM initiatives, as well as inquiry based learning and the creation of more open-ended curriculum.  Recently, our presentation of Electric Dough to (adult) outreach educators at the Municipal Electric Association of Massachusetts (MEAM) conference resulted in excellent reviews and comments such as

Great circuit building activity!


Very entertaining, enjoyable and a new spin on scientific creativity” and

Great experience – we learned team work, try, try, try until you succeed” 

RIMOSA programs can provide an introduction for families to create engaging out of school learning opportunities that they can explore together; an opportunity for groups of adults to experience team building while they learn about science in an entertaining and engaging manner; and an opportunity for educators to explore different techniques for transmitting information – particularly on STEM subjects.

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