Student Videos

Short videos were produced by students using the stop-motion technique as part of RIMOSA’s Animation outreach program. Below, we have some selections from our earlier years. For more recent videos, look on our Vimeo channel or  our YouTube channel – RIMusSciArt. These were made primarily by 10-16 year olds who (in most cases) had never done stop-motion animation before.  And here’s what they produced in UNDER 1 hour!

Would you like to do this great creativity-expanding and team-building activity for ages 8 through adult with your organization?  Requests for program information or scheduling should be directed to Juliette Casselman at

Dueling Cupcakes

Peach Take Over

No Sink for Me


Man with the Exploding Head

Snake Gets Lunch

Mysterious Siting at Small Farm

Magical Make-Itself Clay