While our long-term goal is to build a physical museum where visitors can interact with exhibits encouraging observation, exploration, and creativity; we are committed to growing organically within the Rhode Island community we serve.

To this end, we are excited to offer outreach programs to schools and community groups throughout the state. Outreach programs provide students with the opportunity to explore in depth concepts related to both science and art. Our programs are designed to “blur the lines,” such that students can learn about science by creating art, and can appreciate art by understanding the science behind it. In addition, we expect these outreach programs to provide some “proof of concept”, some ability for us to do preliminary evaluation of activities and programs, all the while raising awareness of our mission.

Here’s what one librarian had to say: “The participants at East Smithfield Public Library had a wonderful time. Both of the RIMOSA volunteers were great at educating the children and presenting them with opportunities to be creative and work constructively in groups. I believe this is one of the best programs I have seen.”

Target Ages: Outreach programs are designed for students in grades 3-12.


  • One 60 minute program is $160, (programs can be shortened or lengthened significantly to fit your time-slot)
  • Multiple programs are offered at a discounted rate – $160 for the first program and $140 for each additional program
  • Programs offered regularly, but on different days (such as every Tuesday for a month) are $140 per program.

Programs : Each RIMOSA program can stand alone as a single experience, or be linked with other programs to provide hours of cohesive curriculum. We currently offer the following programs to Rhode Island schools and organizations:

Animation: The Art and Science of Visual Perception
The Incredible Perception of Sound:  The Art and Science of Auditory Perception
Nano and Color 

Creative Engineering

Bending Light

Artists and Inventors

Observational Drawing

Electric Dough

People, Plants, and Pigments

Marble Roller Coaster

Tensegrity Sculptures

Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Engineering


Know Your Materials:Buoyancy

Know Your Materials Architecture

Biomimicry- Nature Inspired Design

Requests for program information or scheduling should be directed to Juliette Casselman at or at 401-749-2704.