Please consider a tax-deductible donation to RIMOSA – any amount will make a difference!

  • $2 will purchase ten magic markers to use on our doodle-robots at festivals or for making Thaumotropes (mini-animations) at festivals and during our programs
  • $20 will purchase a digital recorder for use in our popular and successful “Sound Effects” program.
  • $100 will purchase a digital camera and memory card for use in all 4 of our popular and successful Animation programs.
  • $500 is the average price of ALL the physical materials required for a new 4 week program (we have 9 in development)
  • $3,000 is the average price of a unique, physically interactive RIMOSA exhibit - labor and materials.

We can promise a very efficient use of your funds.

  • in 2010 only 3% of RIMOSA’s income was used for fundraising.  The remainder was spent on exhibits, programs and the infrastructure required for those exhibits and programs (insurance, postage, etc.).
  • in 2011, 15% of RIMOSA’s income was used for fundraising (putting us in the 2nd best category according to Charity Navigator’s criteria)
  • In both years, our administrative cost was negligable as our working board is entirely volunteer.

You can make a secure online donation through PayPal by clicking on the orange button to your right, or contact Bonnie at bepstein (at) RIMOSA (dot) org if you would prefer to make a donation by check.

In addition, we are in need of certain materials for our educational outreach programs: particulary digital cameras and tripods for digital cameras. These donations are also tax deductible.