28 September 2016 ~ 0 Comments


Our educators are gearing up for a very busy Fall programming season all around Rhode Island! RIMOSA will be running 2 programs for Providence After School Alliance (PASA) at Nathan Bishop and DelSesto Middle Schools. Students will be exploring the innovations of artists and inventors, as well as, engineering challenges in Creative Engineering. We will also be working with Garden City Elementary School students in Cranston on a variety of programs from Electric Dough, Robe Goldberg Marble Roller Coaster, and more.

RIMOSA will be starting a New partnership with Central Falls Schools students who will be exploring science and art with our Artists and Inventors program. And lastly, we are running Innovation Electives for St. Michael’s Country Day School in Newport on Reverse Engineering. These students will find out how everyday things are made by taking them apart and making their own versions.

If you are interested in running programs for your school, or in professional development, please contact our Education Director, Juliette Casselman, @ juliettegc78@gmail.com.

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