11 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

RIMOSA Programs this Fall

We’re BACK!  Come check out some of our awesome Fall programs! Sign up for one – or all – of RIMOSA’s hands-on “Sculpture and Materials” and “Bending Light”  programs.  They will be offered every Thursday from September 19th through October 10th after school at East Greenwich Parks & Recreation.  “Nano” will be offered through East Greenwich Parks and Recreation on Wednesday, October 17th.  For those in West Bay, the Colt Andrews School will be doing an after school animation program every Wednesday from October 2nd through 23rd.  Stay tuned as more programs are scheduled – or contact our education coordinator, Juliette Casselman at juliettegc78(at)gmail(dot)com or at 401-749-2704 to schedule your own!

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