05 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

What a GREAT Summer!

Summer is RIMOSA’s busiest time.  This summer, The Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art delivered over 50 outreach programs at libraries and other public spaces in over 22 communities throughout Rhode Island.  We served groups as small as 3 (in one of RI’s less populated southern communities) and regularly as large as 20 – with waiting lists! (East Providence, Barrington and Narragansett spring to mind here). Here is a sampling of what they are saying:

“I have learned about light before, but I never learned about shadow art.  This was way more fun than classes at school” – 11-19 year old participant in “Bending Light”

“I had so much fun, I can’t wait until the next program” – 11-19 year old participant in an animation program

“It was very fun and I enjoyed it because I got to actually make animation with my group.  Also, I liked it because I got to know the meaning of animation.  For the last reason, the people were very kind and I really loved it.  I really want to do the next RIMOSA program but sadly I have to go back to South Korea (which is my hometown). – 11-19 year old in an animation program

I have so many more – but the evaluations have not yet been fully tabulated.  Stay tuned!

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