30 April 2012 ~ 0 Comments

We’ve Got Feedback!

One of the best things about doing programs and pop-ups before we find our permanent home is that we can test, tweak, and improve the work we’re doing…just like the best scientists and artists!

We’re thrilled to have received positive feedback from some of our recent school programs. The participants were tweens and teens–not the easiest audience to please! A sampling of their comments:

For our Nano program:
–“The Nano Program Rocks, Science Rocks!”
–I think it was fun when we were making designs with the string and we put out string in the bubbles.

For our Animation program:
–I thought it was cool, and I would like to learn more about animation.
–This was super fun and I really liked it.  Thank you so much for doing this.
–I thought the program was really fun and enjoyed it!  I hope you come again.  I might even try animation at home!

For our Sound program:
–I thought that the sounds sounded like things were actually real!
–It was an excellent program as far as both entertainment and education goes.
–I loved it! This was such a fun program!

If you’d like more information about booking one of our outreach programs, please contact Mary Rapien at mrapien(at)rimosa(dot)org or at 401-525-1931.

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